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Alcohol De Addiction centre in Chennai
The treatment centre was founded by Mr.R.Palani, a sociologist who fell prey to this chronic disease at his young age. The pain and anguish which he underwent due to this disease created an awakening in him to help other suffering substance dependants and their families, paving way for the formation of Ashram foundation.
Ashram Foundation, a De abuse cum Rehab center was Setup in the year 2007, to help persons addicted to Alcohol and other drugs recover from substance abuse and to lead a qualitative sober life. Ashram Foundation is a NGO, run by a professional team of Sociologists, with the primary purpose of helping individuals and their families to recover from the chronic and progressive disease of abuse and correlated disorders.
Our philosophy in treatment for this disease is to provide a foundation for recovery and help people affected by substance dependency and correlated disorders to achieve a better quality of life-allowing them to live as productive individual and ‘REDISCOVER THE JOY OF LIVING’
Today thousands of alcoholics and addicts who have undergone treatment at our center are in recovery, living a qualitative, sober life along with their families.
The De-addiction cum Rehab Center is located in Vanagaram, near Porur gardens, with a capacity to accommodate 40 patients


Our Mission at Ashram is to provide a foundation for recovery and help people affected by chemical dependency and correlated disorders to achieve a better quality of life-allowing them to live as productive individuals. This is accomplished through comprehensive treatment and prevention methods guided by a philosophy of mutual concern and responsibility. The central purpose of Ashram Foundation is to provide prevention and specialized treatment for those who suffer from all forms of abuse and correlated disorders. Ashram Foundation treatment program focuses on Physical, Psychological, emotional, social and spiritual support.
Our program is firmly rooted in the belief that “TOGETHER WE CAN” .


Our Vision is to be the program of choice for those seeking treatment for alcoholism and drug dependency. In our Vision every individual receives the help they need in order to achieve and maintain a foundation for lasting sobriety. Our vision is to give hope for the hopeless, help for the helpless for the suffering alcoholic or addict and his family, a dream which is not impossible, but a reality. Our values provide the foundation for our Treatment Program.


Our Values forms the core for fulfillment of our mission and vision: Patient Centered Care This means that the needs of our patients drive the organization's focus. Clients collaborate with their counselors, family and peers in developing an individualized treatment plan
Care and respect for our patients and staff and provide excellence in patient care Client centered learning Clients are given up-to-date information on factors causing alcoholism and drug addiction. They are also informed of the impact on ones physiological, psychological and social well being.
Consistent and evolving team effort We will continually develop a team whose efforts are aimed at growth, sharper focus, and improved competency Continuing education and Excellence Value feedback that influences program design. We make every effort to incorporate best practices in addiction treatment
Enlightened leadership Achieve excellence in quality of treatment and to be the employer of choice for those in the field of recovery from drugs. Social Support Our objective is to have the alcoholic or addict to reintegrate with society. The family members are encouraged to participate in the family awareness programs and counseling. Patients are given assistance in finding employment, evaluating career, education and home away from home choices.
Spiritual Support Addiction is manifested physically, emotionally and spiritually. Within each person there is joy, wholeness and it is their state of mind which falsely makes them believe that drugs and alcohol can deliver this. We provide support for the individual to touch within themselves and to find the courage to be who they are. Accountability Helps our stakeholders know the standards being met. Ensure that our stakeholders know the treatment program effectiveness. Our stakeholders are patients and their families, board of trustees, staff, donors, the community, and referring agencies.
We use a holistic approach towards treatment for addiction and correlated disorders and work with clients to address their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
De addition centre in Chennai

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